The people of Gastown expect nothing but the very best of love, care and attention for their dogs. We work around the clock regardless of the weather to provide a solid, and dependable service for busy Gastown people and there dogs who welcome them home every night.

EZ DOG, daycare services are DESIGNED to get your pet in an environment where play, exercise, and social interaction are the key components during his/her stay here at EZ DOG. Being indoors most of the time while you are away could leave any pet longing for some company and activity. Let EZ DOG give your pet the treat of some companionship and exercise while you tend to your busy schedule.

Doggy Daycare not only has a positive effect on your canine friend’s physical and mental well-being, it benefits you as well.


Hourly, Daily & Long Term

1 Hr $10
4 Hrs 25
1 Day $35
10 Days $300
15 Days $420
20 Days $500



A win win situation for you and your pet

Less time required after your work day for walks and exercise.

Socialization for your dog.

Peace of mind knowing your dog is in a safe fun environment!

Prevents boredom at home which can lead to destructive behavior’s

Excellent for dogs with Separation Anxiety